Companies for Causes

Our Mission

A new approach to philanthropy

We are socially-minded CEOs of closely held small and mid-sized companies who have joined forces to make a collective impact on our community far greater than any one of our firms could achieve alone.

Together, we focus on:

  • Targeted philanthropy;
  • Hands-on engagement from member CEOs;
  • Measurable outcomes;
  • Projects that will make a real difference to our communities.

Working together, with the public, philanthropic and non-profit sectors, we CAN fix the social problems of our community.

Our first projects are designed to improve graduation rates and to help prepare students for success in college or the workforce. Over time, we hope to see the Companies for Causes model expand to work on different issues and in communities across the nation.

We stand ready to assist other like-minded CEOs who wish to adopt the Companies for Causes model in their home towns. And if you’d like to help us make a difference here in the greater Washington, DC region, please join us.